Crowded House – revisited

I went to see Crowded House last night at Newcastle City Hall – see here for the first post on this.

We all really enjoyed the gig, Crowded House were awesome not only did they perform well but they put on a good show and created a lot of crowd interaction making everyone feel a part of the gig.

Crowded HouseThe same couldn’t be said for the support band, Connan Mockasin, who just weren’t my cup of tea (as well as a lot of other people’s judging by the amount of people that got up and went back downstairs to the bar area). I’m sure they have a good following – otherwise they wouldn’t be touring with Crowded House, but they were just a bit too gimmicky for me. But don’t let my thoughts on the band put you off – have a listen to them and make your own mind up.

Hopefully Crowded House will be back again soon, though the last time they were up here in the north east was in ’94 at Whitley Bay Ice Rink so I’m not holding my breath for any time soon.

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