Programming and RSS feeds

Just a quickie…

I’m now sick of the sight of RSS feeds having spent most of my free time programming a script, which will hopefully make me rich and if not will at least prove useful to a few people, which merges multiple RSS feeds into one before outputting them.


This allows me to pool together all of the RSS feeds I want to follow and view in one convenient place.

I wish they were standard, rather than differing types RSS1, RSS2, Atom etc – would’ve made things much easier for me.

Seems to be working well with 5 or 6 feeds – the real test will come when there’s hundreds of feeds to parse rather than just 5 or 6.

Once the scripts finished, tested and given the OK we’ll be able to launch the new site which, linking back to my second paragraph, will make me rich or at least money to cover my pool costs.

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