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How to connect to a printer on another PC

Something I come across quite often at work is people needing to (re)connect to to a printer which is connected to another PC on their network via a USB cable.

This is actually a very simple task –  to complete it you need to:

  1. share the printer on the ‘host’ pc
  2. find out the IP address of the ‘host’ computer
  3. connect to the printer from the PC other pc

Sharing a Printer

This needs to be done on the Host PC.

To share a printer go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Printers’. Right click on ‘Sharing’ (if sharing does not appear click ‘Properties’ and then go to the ‘Sharing’ Tab.

Tick the box that says ‘Share this printer’ and give it a name. Something like ‘Printer on StephenPC’ is useful as it makes it easily identified.

Finding the IP address of the host PC

This needs to be done on the Host PC.

To find the IP address of the host PC (the PC with the printer attached) you need to open the ‘Command Prompt’. To do this go to ‘Run’ in the ‘Start Menu’, type CMD and click ‘OK’ (on XP – if using Vista / Win 7 type ‘CMD’ in the Start Menu search box).

In this Command Prompt window we need to make use of the ‘ipconfig’ command. This will show us information about our network settings. Type ‘ipconfig’ into the Command Prompt and press ‘Enter’. Now make a note of the number next to  ‘IP Address’. Right now my IP address is so I’ll use that as an example.

Connect to the printer

This needs to be done on the PC on which you wish to connect the printer, in other words the ‘Client’ PC.

Go to the ‘Start Menu’ and click ‘Run’. In this box enter in the IP address of the Host PC. See above. You should be presented with an explorer window showing a shared folder and the shared printer.

You need to ‘Right Click’ on the printer and click ‘Connect’. This will connect to the printer and copy any drivers needed from the Host PC (as long as they are installed on the Host PC.

So there you go – you can now connect to a printer on another computer in under a minute.

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