We all live in a Gary Rowell World

The video below pretty much sums up why I love football; It’s the passion of my fellow Sunderland supporters and the feeling of belonging to something and being among like minded people.

I guarantee any Sunderland supporter who watches the video will have the hairs on the back of their neck stand up and feel a surge of pride.

It’s great to be a part of something like this.

I can’t wait to take up my new seat in the North Stand, having moved from the NW corner, let’s get it rocking this season and bring back the Roker Roar!

2 thoughts on “We all live in a Gary Rowell World

  1. Nathan Jones

    Would love it if it happened! Happened a few years ago against Liverpool, where it just built and built resulting in a massive roar!

  2. Stephen Hoult Post author

    Aye, we did see a couple of glimpses of the roar last season. West Ham at home was one of them.

    Let’s hope we can build on it this season.

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