I’ve decided to start playing football!

The last time I played competitively was junior school so no doubt I’ll be very sore the day after!

I’ve always enjoyed a kickabout over at the tennis courts, even if I can barely walk for a few days afterwards – I’m going to be playing 6-a-side with my brother and a few mates and acquaintances at soccarena in Durham, first time will be Thursday this week and I can’t wait!

Been out and got myself some decent trainers and footy kit, as well as some shin pads – think it would be wise to wear some as any trauma, with my condition, means lots of bleeding / bruising, swelling and possibly some sore lumps especially in my lower legs which were the most affected area.

It’ll be nice to get back to playing sports as it’s something that I’ve missed doing since I had to stop playing ice hockey a while back, I have a very competitive personality so this will help to feed my competitiveness, perhaps we might get a decent team together and enter one of the leagues.

It’ll help with my fitness too – I’ve already begun my new fitness scheme. I’m using EA Sports Active 2 for the xbox360 and it really does give you a good workout – though I’m sure anything would since I’ve done pretty much nothing exercise wise in the last ┬ácouple of years.

I’ll be sure to log back on and let you know how it went on friday

4 thoughts on “6-a-side

  1. Stephen Hoult Post author

    Same, text you about playing the other day but it was at really short notice.

    Could play pool some Saturdays before the football, would mean playing at around about 12 though and meeting you through there before walking over to the Stadium of Light.

    Will do my best to enjoy the football, but no doubt in the first 3 or 4 weeks I’ll be knackered within the first 20 minutes or so.

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