My first milestone

Well… I’ve broken my first golfing milestone, ‘Breaking 110’ – by shooting a 108.

I did this while using the the stack & tilt swing, which while making a lot of sense to me I just couldn’t make it work. I’d hit the ball fat consistently, as well as having problems hitting the driver. This is a lot more down to me rather than the ‘swing model’.

I’ve switched back to a traditional two plane swing and, although I’ve not shot my best score I’m hitting the ball better, more consistently and driving fairly well too.

I need to join a better golf course as where I’ve been playing isn’t the best – I lost 3 balls in the fairway last time out, without those penalty strokes I’d have shot at least my best score of 108 again, which is annoying.

Playing again tonight, next milestone, ‘Breaking 100’, here I come!

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