Stats, Stats, Stats!

My virtual and real life pool game is coming along nicely – I can see a steady improvements over the last 3 weeks.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing my results and statistics from the first season ( The Local Tour) of my virtual career on Virtual Pool 4.

End of Season 1 – Local Tour – Results

Season 1 - Local Tour - Results - Virtual Pool 4

End of Season 1 – Local Tour – Statistics

Season 1 - Local-Tour - Stats


1 thought on “Stats, Stats, Stats!

  1. Malcolm Clarke


    Nice work on the 0.68 for balls potted. If you can improve up to 0.7 you will be doing well.

    The 75% money ball stat needs to improve. That is the critical point where racks are won!

    Not looking too bad though, that shows your aiming etc is fine and if the technique catches up you will be a good Pool player in no time at all.


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