Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 2

A good end to a horrendous season, which eventually saw me remain on the Regional Tour.

I finally got my act together to comfortably win the final tournament (for 0 ranking points – if it were the tournament before, I’d have been promoted).

Unfortunately, I could barely string 3 pots together for the rest of the season.

End of Season 2 – Regional Tour – Results

End of Season 2 – Regional Tour – Stats

The good news, after playing for 3 hours last night, is that I’ve found my ‘potting ability’ again. Reflected in winning the final tournament of the season and I’m going well in the first tournament of the new season – hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

I’m now half way through season 3 and am sitting top of the rankings table with a win, a runner up, a 4th place, quarter finalist and a last 8 to my name.

I’ve been playing a little snooker too and haven’t lost a frame so far on the local tour with a high break of 29 (on the tournament table).

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