My next priority piece – higher hands at A4

I’m working to the ‘5 simple keys’ pattern – My new priority piece is to do with Key #4 – Diagonal sweetspot path.

If you haven’t heard of 5 simple keys, I urge you to check it out. (more info here)

I’m hitting A2 fairly well now, my next priority piece (while keeping an eye on my previous pieces to make sure I don’t lapse) is to get my hands higher at A4 with the club pointing more to the left (laid off).

I need to feel as if I’m coming over the top and swinging more to the left on the downswing as at the minute I’m getting too flat and swinging too much to the right which is producing a lot of push fades due to the gear effect on heel hits, or, If I don’t hit the heel, I get a shank!

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