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Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 7 – Regional Tour

Well this was a bad season…

I didn’t win any events, but was a beaten finalist 3 times. I finished 3rd overall – which I think should mean I’ve been promoted back up to the National Tour.

Compared to last season:

  • Ball making average up 0.001 to 0.0631
  • Breaks made a ball up 0.1 to 60.6%
  • Runout from break up 0.1 to 5.6%
  • Golden breaks down 0.2 to 4.2%
  • Break fouls down 0.7 to 8.6%
  • Money making % down 0.1 to 72.4%.

Overall, a very slight improvement. My positional play has come on a lot – I’m just missing silly pots, especially on the money ball.

Season 7 - Regional Tour - Results


Season 7 - Regional Tour - Stats

Working on Key #4 – Diagonal Sweet spot path

Here’s a few swings I made during practice today.

In these swings I’m trying to get better control over Key #4 – diagonal sweet spot path. To do this I needed to get my hands a little higher at A4, keeping my hands less deep (should I have said shallower?) helps me to get them higher.

My other goal here was to get the club shaft laid off (pointing to the left and up to the sky) a little at A4 which I’m also achieving.

Now the hard part… Doing it properly, enough times, to ingrain it into my muscle memory.

Before and after still from the videos below. Swing on the right is after about 30 swings working on Key#4 yesterday. The swing on the left is from the day before.


Here is the video after working on Key #4:

And here is where I was at before working on Key #4.

And if we compare it to a swing from a month ago you’ll see an even bigger difference.

key#4 - 21-05-13

My next priority piece – higher hands at A4 – controlling key #4

I probably shouldn’t have said ‘next’ priority piece as really this is the same as the last piece.

I’m getting my hands slightly higher at A4, though it wouldn’t kill me to get them a touch higher. I believe keeping my hands further in front of my body rather than getting them too deep will help me to get them up higher.

I also need to get the club laid off at A4, I’m getting too much across the line  which can lead to an open club face at impact – keeping my hands in front of me will also help with this.

Not getting my hands so deep will also help with an older priority piece – which was to get the club head passing through the hands at A2.

I could also do with a slightly steeper shoulder turn.


If you’re unsure what I mean by A1 through A10 then, to put it simply, the golf swing can be broken down into 10 alignments or positions which are as follows:

A1 – Address
A2 – Club shaft parallel to the ground (back swing)
A3 – Left arm parallel to the ground (back swing)
A4 – Top of back swing
A5 – Left arm parallel to the ground (down swing)
A6 – Club shaft parallel to the ground (down swing)
A7 – Impact! The most important alignment! Where you are here determines the outcome of the shot.
A8 – Club shaft parallel to the ground (follow through)
A9 – Right arm parallel to the ground (follow through)
A10 – End of the swing.

For more information about the alignments see here.

Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 6 – National Tour

I’ve become a “yo yo” player on the National Tour. I get promoted to the National Tour before being relegated straight back to the Regional tour, gaining promotion straight back before being relegated again.

My potting has become better, the stats here won’t show it as most of this season was played intermittently, a few frames here and there – with a couple of weeks break in between, so I never really had time to get my eye in.

I played an hour or so tonight and have been practicing in a Straight Pool career and have managed a couple of runs of 18, so things are looking up.

So, here are the stats and Results for Season 6


Season 6 - National Tour - Results


Season 6 - National Tour - Stats

Compared to last season:

  • Ball making average down 0.003 to 0.630
  • Breaks made a ball down 0.2 to 60.5%
  • Average balls on break remained at 0.9
  • Run outs from break remained at 5.5%
  • Break money made down 0.1 to 4.4%
  • Balls per turn remained at 1.3
  • Money making % down 0.4 to 72.5%

Overall, I’ve gotten worse, I’m putting this down to a long lay off between games (2 weeks or so without playing any VP4 or pool).

Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 5, back on the Regional Tour

I struggled big time in season 4 and was relegated back to the Regional Tour which is about my level. Well, Regional is easy, National is way too hard.

Here are my stats and standings from Season 5 on the Regional Tour.

End of Season 5 – Regional Tour – Results

Season 5 - Regional Tour - Results

End of Season 5 – Regional Tour – Stats

Season 5 - Regional Tour - Stats

In summary – compared to last season:

  • Ball making average has dropped 0.001 to 0.633
  • Breaks made a ball up 0.2% to 60.7%
  • Runs outs from break up 0.3% to 5.5%
  • Break money made up 0.2% to 4.5%
  • Money making down 1% to 72.9%