Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 6 – National Tour

I’ve become a “yo yo” player on the National Tour. I get promoted to the National Tour before being relegated straight back to the Regional tour, gaining promotion straight back before being relegated again.

My potting has become better, the stats here won’t show it as most of this season was played intermittently, a few frames here and there – with a couple of weeks break in between, so I never really had time to get my eye in.

I played an hour or so tonight and have been practicing in a Straight Pool career and have managed a couple of runs of 18, so things are looking up.

So, here are the stats and Results for Season 6


Season 6 - National Tour - Results


Season 6 - National Tour - Stats

Compared to last season:

  • Ball making average down 0.003 to 0.630
  • Breaks made a ball down 0.2 to 60.5%
  • Average balls on break remained at 0.9
  • Run outs from break remained at 5.5%
  • Break money made down 0.1 to 4.4%
  • Balls per turn remained at 1.3
  • Money making % down 0.4 to 72.5%

Overall, I’ve gotten worse, I’m putting this down to a long lay off between games (2 weeks or so without playing any VP4 or pool).

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