Working on Key #4 – Diagonal Sweet spot path

Here’s a few swings I made during practice today.

In these swings I’m trying to get better control over Key #4 – diagonal sweet spot path. To do this I needed to get my hands a little higher at A4, keeping my hands less deep (should I have said shallower?) helps me to get them higher.

My other goal here was to get the club shaft laid off (pointing to the left and up to the sky) a little at A4 which I’m also achieving.

Now the hard part… Doing it properly, enough times, to ingrain it into my muscle memory.

Before and after still from the videos below. Swing on the right is after about 30 swings working on Key#4 yesterday. The swing on the left is from the day before.


Here is the video after working on Key #4:

And here is where I was at before working on Key #4.

And if we compare it to a swing from a month ago you’ll see an even bigger difference.

key#4 - 21-05-13

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