Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 9 – National Tour

Once again I managed to retain my place on the National Tour, and once again I feel as if I played terribly.

Lets have a look at how my stats compare to the end of last season.

  • Ball making average remains at 0.633
  • Breaks made a ball up 0.2 to 61%
  • Runout from break % up 0.1 to 6.2%
  • Golden breaks remain at 4.3%
  • Break fouls down 0.1 to 8.3%
  • Balls per turn remains at 1.3
  • Money making % up 0.2 to  73.3%

Overall, improvement, especially in key areas and no drop in any stats. So I should be happy with that. But it felt like I couldn’t string 3 pots together all season!


Season 9 - National Tour - Stats


Season 9 - National Tour - Results


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