Live Pool

For the first time ever, I play live pool on camera.

This was recorded around a week and a half ago and is a race to 9 vs my good friend Mal which he won 9-8 giving me a 6 rack head start. Mal is an excellent pool player in both real life and on VP4 and runs his own pool blog over at

I find video to be a great practice tool as quite often what you feel you are doing is nothing like what you are actually doing.

This video has taught me two things, I’m not as bad as I thought (once I got used to playing on camera and got my eye in), and, that I have a little bit of head movement – up and down as I cue backwards and forwards – which I need to quieten down.

Here is the video:

View Mal’s blog post – Mal v Steve Practise Racks

2 thoughts on “Live Pool

  1. Malcolm Clarke

    I’m not that good lol.

    You are getting to be good and steady. I repeat a mistake that you do too, but have had longer to mask it. We are both quite tall and we play with the cue “up” on a slant rather than down straight. It means the tip is cueing at an angle. I managed to fix it once by spinning the cue to a certain point and shaping the tip so it was on an angle that means even though I cue down on the white it still hit it flush.

    Better to practise to get rid of it though!!

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