Insanity Workout – Day 2

Insanity WorkoutI completed day 2 of the Insanity workout this morning and I’m still alive to tell the tale.

I’m a little disappointed with myself after this morning’s workout as I feel I could’ve taken a few less rests. But now that I know what to expect from a proper workout (i.e. not the fit test – not that the fit test isn’t a good workout) I’m positive I’ll do better tomorrow and will definitely push myself harder.

I’ll be getting myself a heart rate monitor tonight so will be able to keep track of how hard I’m working – but one thing is for sure, I’ve not sweated this much in years. In fact I barely sweated this much while wearing a few stones worth of ice hockey goalie equipment.

I think the cool down / stretching after each session could last a little longer as it seems to fly by and I now have some stiff and aching muscles – I think a hot bath afterwards may help a little too. I seem to be ok throughout the day if I keep moving – but since I have a desk job, that just isn’t possible so I quickly stiffen up.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s session: Cardio Power and Resistance.

According to the Insanity website Cardio Power and Resistance will build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and power moves.

Bring it on!

See how I got on on day 3.