Insanity Workout – Day 4

Insanity WorkoutDay 4 of the Insanity Workout now complete.

Today was ‘Cardio’ recovery. This didn’t include any cardio. It was mainly comprised of stretching, balance and slow strength exercises. Still get a decent sweat on!

I do struggle with this type of workout and prefer the cardio – but that is maily due to my lack of flexibility – which of course will improve in line with the more stretching I do

I play football tonight so we’ll see if my cardio has improved any yet – even after only 4 days. Cardio recovery falling on football day seems like a blessing as I won’t be too tired for football but I may not be saying that after ‘Pure Cardio’ tomorrow morning.

Bring on ‘Pure Cardio’ tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

Find out how I did on Day 5.

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