Insanity Workout – Day 6

Insanity WorkoutI have now completed day 6, ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’, of the Insanity Workout.

I did better this time, the 2nd time doing the ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’, than I did the first time round (back on day 2). Tomorrow, day 7, is a rest day.

Although the Insanity Workout has been very, very hard work (I’ve never sweated so much) I’ve enjoyed every second of it so far and can already see some changes – especially to my thigh muscles.

My body no longer aches / stiffens up as it did the first few days – and I believe my cardio has improved already – judging by how I felt on Thursday night playing football.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow – possibly with some pool and a round of golf, and then getting back into the insanity with the ‘Cardio Power and Resistance’ routine on Day 8.

Bring on the rest day!

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