Insanity Workout – Day 8

Insanity WorkoutI’ve completed day 8 of the Insanity Workout today – today’s routine was the Cardio Power & Resistance Workout (which we’ve done once before – see day 3).

I struggled today – I had no motivation or energy, whether that’s down to a poor night’s sleep, a day off yesterday or just because it’s a Monday morning I’m not sure. But hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better.

Having said that – I nailed the moving push ups today – I couldn’t get my head around them the first time I tried them. I’m also managing more push ups / upper body workout reps than I was in the first few days so it looks like I’m improving.

Busy day at work, an early night and then get into day 9 tomorrow.

Find out what happened on day 9.

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