Insanity Workout – Day 12

Insanity WorkoutI’m through day 12 of the Insanity Workout. Today’s routine was ‘Cardio Power and Resistance’ which we did at the start of week 2 and once in week 1. Friday’s workout is always a little more difficult than the rest of the week due to having played football the night before.

But I can definitely say that just 11 days has improved my cardio – I feel fitter, ran more at football and I’m even more confident in myself now.

Tomorrow see’s the first ‘dual’ day. ‘Power Cardio’ and ‘Cardio abs’ are scheduled for day 13 – before day 14, the rest day.

I’m not sure whether I should do ‘Power Cardio’ on the morning, and ‘Cardio abs’ later on in the day, or if I should do them in one session – I’ll probably go for the latter.

Bring it on!

See how day 13 went.

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