Insanity Workout – Day 15

Insanity WorkoutInsanity Workout day 15 is now complete. The routine for today was the fit test.

This is the second time (third actually as I did the fit test on day 0 to see if I liked the Insanity Workout).

Read about Day 1 and the first fit test.


The fit test is performed every 2 weeks to measure improvement and consists of doing 8 exercises for 1 minute each, performing as many reps as possible in that time with a minute to minute and a half break in between exercises.

So how did I do? 

Well, it’s working, my score for each of the 8 exercises was improved after only 14 days of Insanity. Some scores improved by 25%, and the overall number of reps rose by 100.

Here are the results.

Exercise Fit test 1 Fit test 2
Switch Kicks  90  108
Power Jacks  45  60
Power Knees  65  93
Power Jumps  25  37
Globe Jumps  6  8
Suicide Jumps  13  16
Push-Up Jacks  20  30
Low Plank Obliques  52  64
Total reps  316  416

Globe jumps are my nemesis, although the 2 extra globe jumps may not look like much improvement, 1 rep = 4 jumps, so to do 8 more jumps is a fairly decent improvement.

Overall, a great improvement, let’s hope that in a fortnight the results have improved once more!

I’ll hopefully get a day 15 progress pic to post tonight so we can see how I compare to my starting point.

And here is the progress pic.

progress-day15And compared to day 1 – there is a definite improvement.


Read about day 16

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