Insanity Workout – Day 36

Insanity WorkoutInsanity Workout day 36 is now complete. The routine for today was the fit test and Max Cardio Circuit.


So how did I do? 

Well, it’s working, my score for all but one exercises was improved after Month 1 and the recovery week.

My score for Push-Up Jacks was 3 worse than last time mainly due to me spending a lot of that minute trying not to throw up.

The overall number of reps rose by 49.

Here are the results.

Exercise Fit test 1 Fit test 2 Fit test 3
Switch Kicks  90  108  139
Power Jacks  45  60  61
Power Knees  65  93  98
Power Jumps  25  37  42
Globe Jumps  6  8  10
Suicide Jumps  13  16  18
Push-Up Jacks  20  30  27
Low Plank Obliques  52  64  70
Total reps  316  416  465

Globe jumps are still my nemesis, although the 2 extra globe jumps may not look like much improvement, 1 rep = 4 jumps, so to do 8 more jumps is a fairly decent improvement.

Overall, a decent improvement, let’s hope that in a fortnight the results have improved once more!

I couldn’t face Max Cardio Circuit straight after the Fit test so have put it off until day 37, on which I’ll do both the Max Cardio Circuit and the Max Plyo routine in order to catch up.

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