Insanity workout review. What now?

I finally gave up on the Insanity workout a few days into month two (day 45 ish).

Why did I give up? Lack of enthusiasm, boredom with the repetitiveness of the exercises and lack of will power. I ended up getting a day out of sync and never caught back up.

Does Insanity work? Yes, the difference in look and fitness by the end of month one was very noticeable.

What am I doing now? Well, I’m back playing ice hockey – as a forward rather than a goalie – and am about to start a 5 day routine.

Day 1 – Back and chest

Day 2 – Cardio (Insanity workout pure cardio) or 30 minute run

Day 3 – Legs

Day 4 – Rest – (6-a-side football on the night)

Day 5 – Shoulders and Arms

Day 6 – Rest (Hockey training)

Day 7 – Rest

See here for the workouts.

In addition to this I’m taking part in the 30 day squat challenge to build up my legs to help with skating stamina.

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