So I’ve taken up running again – I’ve managed a few more runs this time around and seem to be getting quicker / finding it easier.

I’ve joined a newly started running club too – which is currently doing a variation of the Couch to 5k – a little under my current capabilities, but any running helps (right?) – especially since I have an injury at the moment – an overuse injury – so I’m hoping that this will help rehab and overcome it by building up to running 5k – rather than just going out and blasting 4 or 5k, which is what I had been doing.

The injury is ITBFS – or Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome – more commonly known as runners knee. It’s often caused by overuse, but could also be down to weak hips, wrong shoes or bad technique – I’m just trying to figure out which one it is.

I’ve been using my phone and the MapMyRun app to track distance and time as well as Zombies Run – to keep me entertained while running.

I’m currently doing research on stretches and workouts to help prevent ITBFS from coming back as well as researching shoes.

I’m a forefoot runner – I land on the front of my foot rather than on the heel when running – and an overpronator (flat feet) – I’m trying to find out if shoes for forefoot striker, overpronators exists. If you know of some then please – let me know!

I currently run in Li-Ning Ultra Lights.

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