Unb Graduate Student Collective Agreement

GSTA appointments should not exceed 10 hours per week on average. If a full-time graduate has more than one GSTA appointment or a combination of GSTA (s) and GSRA (s), the total number of hours of employment should not exceed the weekly average of 10 hours. Employment rates that do not require a university degree may be lower than the rates of pay for GSTA and GSRA appointments. However, these positions are subject to the same average weekly limit (10 hours) as any simultaneous job as GSTA, GSRA or both must take into account. (e) to serve and promote the intellectual, educational, cultural, social and interdisciplinary activities of higher education graduates. GSRA appointments are intended for the employment of higher education graduates, where a graduate of higher education is a prerequisite for employment. Minimum wages and average weekly work guidelines are the same as for GSTA appointments. The cut-off dates are set by Human Resources. In order for students to be paid on time, SGS needs payment forms at least one week before the deadline set by the human resources department. All postgraduate and RAAS at UNB will receive the rights and benefits stipulated in our collective agreement.

All members of the UGSW have the right, if necessary, to be supported by the Union. Membership of the Union gives the right to participate fully in local elections and general assemblies. The Union negotiates and acts on behalf of all its members. The more postgraduate TAs and ASRs, the more our decisions will reflect our collective concerns. To access the various collective agreements, please use the links on the right. First, we are able to negotiate a collective agreement that reflects the nature of our work and sets conditions that must be met by our employer, the University of New Brunswick. Arbitrary decisions and actions of an employer are not permitted with respect to the content of the contract. We will have a common voice and we will be able to make democratic decisions in our workplace. Higher education graduates unionized at other universities in North America have made great strides in negotiations, including child care and eye care, international student assistance and professional development, intellectual property and academic freedoms, to name a few. Students who are recommended to teach scholarships must complete the part-time graduate employment form. The form must be completed and signed by all parties: Graduate Student, Supervisor and Director of Grade Studies, and with their application submitted to the detachment department. If the position is offered to the student, the GAU will provide SMS with the form submitted for part-time employment of graduates for final approval, before the contract can be formally proposed.