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Insanity Workout – Day 13

Insanity WorkoutI’ve now completed day 13 of the Insanity Workout. This was the first dual routine – two workouts were scheduled for today, ‘Pure Cardio’ and ‘Cardio Abs’. I decided I’d do them both in one go, rather than spreading them out over the day.

I have to say, it’s not the right weather for doing these workouts – it’s far too hot! I was absolutely dripping with sweat by the end of ‘Pure Cardio’, nevermind after ‘Cardio Abs’.

Today was the first time the ‘Cardio Abs’ routine has been scheduled – it’s only 20 minutes (ish) long, but it’s very hard work – my abs (and lower back) we’re burning!

Looking forward to a rest day, and round of golf tomorrow, and getting straight back into the insanity on Monday with the fit test! We’ll see how much my fitness has improved – as I sure feel like I have gotten fitter and stronger.


Insanity Workout – Day 12

Insanity WorkoutI’m through day 12 of the Insanity Workout. Today’s routine was ‘Cardio Power and Resistance’ which we did at the start of week 2 and once in week 1. Friday’s workout is always a little more difficult than the rest of the week due to having played football the night before.

But I can definitely say that just 11 days has improved my cardio – I feel fitter, ran more at football and I’m even more confident in myself now.

Tomorrow see’s the first ‘dual’ day. ‘Power Cardio’ and ‘Cardio abs’ are scheduled for day 13 – before day 14, the rest day.

I’m not sure whether I should do ‘Power Cardio’ on the morning, and ‘Cardio abs’ later on in the day, or if I should do them in one session – I’ll probably go for the latter.

Bring it on!

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Insanity Workout – Day 11

Insanity WorkoutDay 11 of the Insanity Workout is now done. Today’s routine was ‘Cardio Recovery’. We did this back on day 5, and it is scheduled once a week for the first 4 weeks.

Cardio recovery involves absolutely no cardio, lots of stretching, balance and slow muscle work. Slow squats, pulses and planks.

I’m not keen on this routine, purely because I’m not flexible and don’t really like stretching, so I struggle with it. Though of course, sticking with it, will improve my flexibility.

Bring on Day 12 – ‘Cardio Power & Resistance’ tomorrow and football tonight!

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Insanity Workout – Cardio Circuit

WorkoutsA quick post which will hopefully help anyone who had the same problem finding the ‘Cardio Circuit’ routine for Day 10 of the Insanity Workout.

The bundled schedule / calendar actually has a typo, the routine for day 10 should read ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’.

See how I got on with Day 10 of the Insanity Workout, doing the ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’ for the third time.

Insanity Workout – Day 10

Insanity WorkoutDay 10 of the Insanity Workout is now complete – after a little confusion at the start.

As I said in yesterday’s post I was looking forward to a new routine called ‘Cardio Circuit’… well there is no ‘Cardio Circuit’ disc. It turns out that the schedule is labelled wrong and a quick google search told me that it should read ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’.

The ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’ was the routine on day 2 and day 6. My favourite part of this workout is the ‘Level 1 Drills’, especially the last part of the drills which is in and out abs and how Shaun T builds up into a crescendo along with the others on the dvd shouting to get through it.

I enjoyed today’s routine – it helped rid the slight hangover from last night’s barbecue.

Looking forward to tomorrow and ‘Cardio Recovery’ followed by 6-a-side football on the evening.

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Insanity Workout – Day 9

Insanity WorkoutDay 9 of the Insanity Workout – Pure Cardio – is now complete. It didn’t seem as bad this time around – but I was still sweating buckets by the end of it.

This is the second time I’ve done Pure Cardio, the first was on day 5. Thinking back, I probably found it a little easier going as I hadn’t played football the night before.

I was much more motivated to do the workout this morning compared to yesterday – I’m putting that down to it being a Monday morning thing.

Tomorrow will introduce a new routine, ‘Cardio Circuit’ so I’m looking forward to that, and a little change from what’s now become the norm.

Shaun T’s latest workout, T25, has just been released. I wonder how T25 compares to Insanity – I think that may be next up once / if I complete Insanity.

Bring on Day 10 and the Cardio Circuit.

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Insanity Workout – Day 8

Insanity WorkoutI’ve completed day 8 of the Insanity Workout today – today’s routine was the Cardio Power & Resistance Workout (which we’ve done once before – see day 3).

I struggled today – I had no motivation or energy, whether that’s down to a poor night’s sleep, a day off yesterday or just because it’s a Monday morning I’m not sure. But hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better.

Having said that – I nailed the moving push ups today – I couldn’t get my head around them the first time I tried them. I’m also managing more push ups / upper body workout reps than I was in the first few days so it looks like I’m improving.

Busy day at work, an early night and then get into day 9 tomorrow.

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Insanity Workout – Day 6

Insanity WorkoutI have now completed day 6, ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’, of the Insanity Workout.

I did better this time, the 2nd time doing the ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’, than I did the first time round (back on day 2). Tomorrow, day 7, is a rest day.

Although the Insanity Workout has been very, very hard work (I’ve never sweated so much) I’ve enjoyed every second of it so far and can already see some changes – especially to my thigh muscles.

My body no longer aches / stiffens up as it did the first few days – and I believe my cardio has improved already – judging by how I felt on Thursday night playing football.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow – possibly with some pool and a round of golf, and then getting back into the insanity with the ‘Cardio Power and Resistance’ routine on Day 8.

Bring on the rest day!