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NFL Fantasy Draft

vaughnmaddogsSo this year I’ve decided to enter an NFL Fantasy league with my team the Vaughn Mad Dogs.

The draft took place last night and although I made one or two (big!) mistakes I think my roster turned out alright.

I had the 9th overall pick in the draft – so by then the stud WR and RB were all gone – I took Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning with my first pick. Looking back I should’ve took Denver WR Demaryius Thomas with my first pick and would’ve still been able to pick up Manning or New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees with my 2nd pick (12th overall).

With my first 5 picks I took a QB, 2 WR and 2 RB.

You can see my end of draft depth chart below, surprisingly it doesn’t contain any 49ers players as Crabtree and Davis both went just before the pick I was going to use to select them.

was interested in the niners defense but they have a lot of injuries so decided to go with the highly rated St Louis Rams instead with the Kansas City Chiefs to use during the Rams bye week, or to replace them with if they’re under performing.


NFL Fantasy ranked my draft performance as a B and projects a T6 place finish.



Ice Hockey, what number would you wear?

I’ve started playing hockey again! Well I did a few months ago, I’ve been back on the ice 6 or 7 times so far and love it all over again!

Oh and I’m no longer a goalie, I’m playing as a forward. I’m finding my feet on the ice again, though if player skates weren’t so different to goalie skates that may have been a bit easier. I’m getting better on my edges and quicker and stronger too and getting more comfortable with the puck.

I’ve registered with the Whitley Wildcats rec team.

Through my junior career from Sunderland Juniors, through Whitley juniors to playing for the Warriors I wore numbers 1, 20, 21 and 97. 

Number 21 had always been my favourite ‘hockey’ number but I was thinking of going for something a bit different, something higher (number 21 may already be taken by someone else on the Wildcats anyway).

I could go back to number 97 as I wore at Sunderland as an 11 year old – though I only went for number 97 because 96 was taken.

Number 7 was always my favourite number so perhaps that one.

Then I think I might stick to number 21 but fancy changing to something a little less common such as 74 (a la Theo Fleury) or perhaps 67 (currently worn by New York Ranger Benoit Pouliot).

At the moment 74 seems to be what I’m favouring, so I ask the question, what number would you wear? And why?


Live Pool

For the first time ever, I play live pool on camera.

This was recorded around a week and a half ago and is a race to 9 vs my good friend Mal which he won 9-8 giving me a 6 rack head start. Mal is an excellent pool player in both real life and on VP4 and runs his own pool blog over at

I find video to be a great practice tool as quite often what you feel you are doing is nothing like what you are actually doing.

This video has taught me two things, I’m not as bad as I thought (once I got used to playing on camera and got my eye in), and, that I have a little bit of head movement – up and down as I cue backwards and forwards – which I need to quieten down.

Here is the video:

View Mal’s blog post – Mal v Steve Practise Racks

5 Simple Keys

5 Simple KeysGolf Evolution have created their own learning system named ‘5 Simple Keys‘. Through study they have determined that all of the great players have these 5 things in common.

So what are the 5 simple keys?

Key #1 – Steady head

Key #2 – Weight forward (at impact)

Key #3 – Flat left wrist (at impact)

Key #4 – Diagonal sweetspot path

Key #5 – Club face control

By mastering any one of these keys you will improve your ball striking. The more keys you master, the better you will hit the ball and the better you will score.

I must get my hands on their DVD! My experience is from the 5sk instructors at Evolvr, reading about it at The Sand Trap forums and watching youtube videos posted by the 5sk instructors.

My next priority piece – higher hands at A4

I’m working to the ‘5 simple keys’ pattern – My new priority piece is to do with Key #4 – Diagonal sweetspot path.

If you haven’t heard of 5 simple keys, I urge you to check it out. (more info here)

I’m hitting A2 fairly well now, my next priority piece (while keeping an eye on my previous pieces to make sure I don’t lapse) is to get my hands higher at A4 with the club pointing more to the left (laid off).

I need to feel as if I’m coming over the top and swinging more to the left on the downswing as at the minute I’m getting too flat and swinging too much to the right which is producing a lot of push fades due to the gear effect on heel hits, or, If I don’t hit the heel, I get a shank!

Golf – My priority pieces

Making changes to your golf swing should be done in stages as trying to work on too many pieces at any one time is going to slow down improvement and could just plain confuse you. These one or two pieces are known as priority pieces.

I currently have a few priority pieces (which directly contradicts what I’ve just said above) but I only have 2 dynamic priority pieces in the swing the rest are static pieces at address.

So what are my priority pieces?

  1. (Address) – More neck tilt (tilting my head downwards) – this will enable me to see the ball out of my central vision rather than straining to see the ball out of the bottom of my eyes.
  2. (Address) –Hands closer to thighs – I was reaching out for the ball. There should only be 1 hand width between the butt of the club and your thighs – I had enough room for two hand widths.
  3. (Address) –Weaker grip – I had a very strong grip which was causing issues with how fast I hinged my wrists and causing my to cup my wrist at the top of the back swing (this cupping can lead to an open club face).
  4. (Back swing) – Club head passes through hands at A2 (see here for the golf alignments or positions) – I take the club head back too far to the inside which causes problems with the diagonal sweet spot path which means I need to make a compensation – this could cause an over the top swing leading to pulls and pull slices. The club head should pass through the hands at A2 (when the club shaft is parallel to the ground) from the down the line camera angle.
  5. (Down swing) – Right elbow in to hip and hands down as the hips slide forward – This gets the hands down in to the delivery position, this helps to control the diagonal sweet spot path and aids in swinging from the inside.

So there you have it, three checks for address, a back swing thought and a down swing thought.

The below images are stills from full speed swings which show that I can hit these positions, I just need to work on them until they become second nature before moving on to my next priority piece – whatever that may be.

The ‘delivery position’, here I’m just about hitting the delivery position – me on the left, Grant Waite on the right:

delivery position

Club head passing through hands at A2 (this still is from slightly after A2 here as my camera has poor FPS so the exact frame is missed).