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Much Better – Season 3

I finished Season 3 – on the Regional Tour – in first place.

I played much better this time around as the results screenshot below will show you, winning 2 tournaments and finishing runner up on another 2 occasions.

Though strangely enough the only stat I’ve improved is my Money Ball making percentage. It’s up by 1.9% from 71.9 to 73.7%.

End of Season 3 – Regional Tour – Results

End of Season 3 – Regional Tour – Stats

Stats, Stats, Stats – Season 2

A good end to a horrendous season, which eventually saw me remain on the Regional Tour.

I finally got my act together to comfortably win the final tournament (for 0 ranking points – if it were the tournament before, I’d have been promoted).

Unfortunately, I could barely string 3 pots together for the rest of the season.

End of Season 2 – Regional Tour – Results

End of Season 2 – Regional Tour – Stats

The good news, after playing for 3 hours last night, is that I’ve found my ‘potting ability’ again. Reflected in winning the final tournament of the season and I’m going well in the first tournament of the new season – hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

I’m now half way through season 3 and am sitting top of the rankings table with a win, a runner up, a 4th place, quarter finalist and a last 8 to my name.

I’ve been playing a little snooker too and haven’t lost a frame so far on the local tour with a high break of 29 (on the tournament table).

Stats, Stats, Stats!

My virtual and real life pool game is coming along nicely – I can see a steady improvements over the last 3 weeks.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing my results and statistics from the first season ( The Local Tour) of my virtual career on Virtual Pool 4.

End of Season 1 – Local Tour – Results

Season 1 - Local Tour - Results - Virtual Pool 4

End of Season 1 – Local Tour – Statistics

Season 1 - Local-Tour - Stats


Picked up the Pool cue

Virtual Pool 4Well it’s just about Winter, which means it’s too dark to play golf among other reasons, namely the expense and the general snottyness of your standard golf club so I’ve picked up the Pool cue again, both virtually and in real life.

Why? I don’t know really… I watched a documentary about Ronny O’Sullivan which led me to re-install Virtual Pool 3 awakening the pool bug inside me. A few days later I found myself in Riley’s with my mate Mal (who incidentally has a great blog so check it out) and on return bought myself Virtual Pool 4.

Considering it was the first time I’d played in over a year it wasn’t too bad really – some good shots (and a lot of bad).

The game is great – though I’ve had to turn off room backgrounds and lower graphic quality to be able to play it smoothly.

I’m planning on recording a few games and uploading – not for entertainment – just to  track progress really.

And that’s just about all I have to say on that.


Golf and the Stack & Tilt golf swing.

A couple of months ago I decided I was going to take up golf again and have played more in the 2 months since then than I had in the previous 7 or 8 years of owning golf clubs – I’ve still played less than 20 rounds in my life though and I’m yet to break 110, my best 18 hole score to date being 114 at Chester le street.

I’ve been struggling with hitting shots fat with the irons and slicing the driver.

Since dusting off the clubs in April I’ve been doing a lot of research about the golf swing and have really liked what I’ve read about the ‘stack & tilt’ (S&T) golf swing which was created by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett.

The S&T swing has a lot of critics, but to me, it just makes sense! Why move off the ball, only to move back towards it for absolutely no gain?

S&T advocates that your weight starts left at address, stays left in the backswing and moves left on the downswing, and keeping the upper centre (head and chest) over the ball. There’s no movement off the ball!

This the main way in which S&T helps you to hit solid shots, consistently.

The critics of S&T are usually the people who haven’t taken the time to learn about it and therefore don’t understand it.

The basic fundamentals of S&T are:

  1. hitting the ground in the same spot each time (to promote solid contact with the golf ball)
  2. hitting the ball far enough to play a hole in a reasonable number of shots
  3. hitting the ball with a predictable curve, the stock S&T swing will produce a high push-draw.

So far, my knowledge of S&T has come from Internet reading and videos, I should have the book (pictured above) soon as well as the DVDs.

I’ll be writing more about S&T as I learn more here on my blog for a few reasons:

  1. to help to consolidate my knowledge, writing about it makes it stick (there’s a revision tip for you)
  2. to help track my progress
  3. to help others learn about S&T
That’s about it for this blog post.


Back on form

Really enjoyed 6-a-side last night. Did a lot more running and got involved a lot more in what was a “physical” match with a lot of meaty tackles.

I think more or less everyone will have woken up with some sort of ache or pain this morning.

Nike T90 Protega Shin PadsIn my case it’s my ankle after being the recipient of a slightly late tackle. Being rapped on the inside of your ankle bone/ achilles  wasn’t nice but it was pretty easily run off.

All I can say is that I’m thankful for the protection given by my shin pads as I could have had more than just a small lump there this morning had I not been wearing them.

My team came out on top again with superior fitness seeming to be the biggest contributing factor to the result.

We had a couple of new lads playing with us tonight, both good players, who I’ll be hoping will be able to play every week as the standard of play was slightly higher.

I think we’re going to have to agree on a colour scheme or set of strips to wear – the team we played were all in Newcastle shirts, except for one person who was wearing the black and white stripes of Juventus.

I have to say, it was nice getting the win over a team in black and white stripes.

On another subject, I’ll hopefully have my car back tonight after the clutch/gearbox is replaced. Can’t believe how much having no transport affects you!

That’s it for this post. Seeya later!

6-a-side – week 4

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. Mainly because of a lack of motivation as well as having had a lot on my plate with work, both cars breaking down and other not very nice things going on but hopefully the cars will be up and running again tomorrow and thing will get back to normal.

Nike Protega T90 Shin pads

Tonight will be the 4th week of 6-a-side which I’m enjoying greatly – though I’ve been disappointed with my performances the last 2 weeks running.

My first touch has all but deserted me but I will, I hope, find it again tonight.

At the very least my fitness is improving. I now last 20 minutes before I get a stitch!

The games so far have been fast paced and fairly physical with some meaty tackles flying in.

My shin pads (with ankle protection) seem to have done the trick in preventing badly bruised ankles – damn that blood thinning medication which makes me bruise like a peach after the slightest contact.

The games seem to be getting faster and more competitive each week, and hopefully that will continue. My team usually comes out on top – the other team always runs out of gas later on in the game allowing us to pick them off.


And now, off the subject of football, are any of you twitter users also getting sick and tired of your timeline being filled up with people asking for retweets?

For example:

“Hi @FamousPerson Please give me a retweet for absolutely no worthwhile reason”.

Talking of Twitter, you can follow me @keeps21 by clicking on the Twitter logo at the top right hand side of the page. As well as adding me to Facebook by clicking on the Facebook logo in the same place

And that’s about it for this entry, cheers for reading!


Still no 6-a-side

We still haven’t managed to play 6-a-side but we have finally managed to get booked up for next thursday so will be making my debut then and can’t wait!

Hopefully we’ll be having a kickabout on Saturday to help with my touch and fitness, I swear I’m better with my knees than with my feet, and then I’ll be at the the Wear-Tyne derby on Sunday – looking forward to it.

This will be the first derby match I’ll have been to – the nerves haven’t kicked in yet, but I’ll be struggling to sleep come saturday night!

Ha’way the lads!

It’ll have to wait and SAFC

We didn’t manage to play 6-a-side last night so I’m still in one piece and just about fully functional.

We couldn’t get enough people at such short notice as well as all the illnesses going around so thought it’d be better to postpone the 6-a-side for a week plus the time slot we want was unavailable.

Must say I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t play but at least it gives me another week to work on my fitness so hopefully I’ll not run out of steam too quickly.

It was a good result on Wednesday night for Sunderland, Villa Park is never an easy place to go to so getting the win and all 3 points seems like a bonus. Unfortunately we picked up a coule of injuries.

Our form man and go to guy of the moment, Danny Welbeck, picked up a hamstring injury which will see him out of action for at least a month and David Meyler, in only his 4th game back after a career threatening knee ligament injury, has injured the same knee although initial reports suggest that the injury isn’t as bad as first feared.

Hopefully we’ll be able to rest a few key players this weekend when we play Notts County in the Cup and come back fighting fit to take on Newcastle in the Wear-Tyne derby on the 16th.


I’ve decided to start playing football!

The last time I played competitively was junior school so no doubt I’ll be very sore the day after!

I’ve always enjoyed a kickabout over at the tennis courts, even if I can barely walk for a few days afterwards – I’m going to be playing 6-a-side with my brother and a few mates and acquaintances at soccarena in Durham, first time will be Thursday this week and I can’t wait!

Been out and got myself some decent trainers and footy kit, as well as some shin pads – think it would be wise to wear some as any trauma, with my condition, means lots of bleeding / bruising, swelling and possibly some sore lumps especially in my lower legs which were the most affected area.

It’ll be nice to get back to playing sports as it’s something that I’ve missed doing since I had to stop playing ice hockey a while back, I have a very competitive personality so this will help to feed my competitiveness, perhaps we might get a decent team together and enter one of the leagues.

It’ll help with my fitness too – I’ve already begun my new fitness scheme. I’m using EA Sports Active 2 for the xbox360 and it really does give you a good workout – though I’m sure anything would since I’ve done pretty much nothing exercise wise in the last  couple of years.

I’ll be sure to log back on and let you know how it went on friday