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9 ball run

I went Durham City Snooker & Pool last night to work on my game and had a relatively successful time.

The table wasn’t in the best condition, balls (which were chipped) had been tapped – in the wrong position – too much so it was impossible to break, the cloth must’ve been on for 20 years as it was very ‘worn’, moth eaten and in some places even moved when I put my bridge hand down.

It could do with a good clean, reclothing and levelling and it would play quite well.

Anyhow… back to me. I decided to just throw 9 balls out on the table and pot them in any order – doing this I managed to run 7 balls a few times, with my average run being about 4 balls.

I then tried a couple of racks of 9 ball vs the ghost.

If you’re not familiar with ‘the ghost’ then to put it quite simply if you miss a shot the ghost wins wins. Meaning it’s very difficult to win against the ghost and needless to say – I lost.

To end my practice session I decided to just throw all 15 balls on the table randomly and pot them in any order. Doing this I managed to make a couple of runs of 9, just need to work on running 9 out of 9 balls in the correct order and I’ll be on my way.

All in all I had a decent session getting used to potting angles and speeds and I’m looking forward to Saturday when I go to Riley’s in Sunderland with Malcolm Clarke for practice and a race to 9.

Seem to be improving every time I get on the table so let’s hope it continues.

Big Pockets

Whenever I mention that I’ve been playing 9 ball pool the person I’m talking to always says, ‘Ah, the one with the big pockets?’

To which I reply, ‘yes’ – anything else would be a lie as American Pool tables do have bigger pockets than British Pool tables.

It’s as if they’re saying it’s got bigger pockets so it must be easier, however it isn’t.

One thing they don’t take into account is the fact that American Pool tables are 9ft long which is 1.5 times (3 feet) longer than a standard British Pool table (the one you find in most pubs).

American Pool tables have ‘squared off’ jaws / knuckles whereas British tables are ’rounded’ – OK fair enough, on an American table if you hit the ‘right’ part of the jaw the ball will drop but hit the ‘wrong’ part and the ball won’t even have the slightest chance of dropping.

On an English table, with the rounded jaws the ball always has a chance of dropping as long as it’s played at the right speed.

Something else people don’t take into account is the bigger ball size used on an American table. American pool balls are 2 3/4″ that’s  three quarters of an inch bigger than standard British pool balls.

Those ‘big’ pockets suddenly don’t seem as big anymore do they?

One thing that really gets on my nerves is how people think American tables are so easy to play on – if that’s the case then why don’t they quit they’re jobs, join the pro tour and win everything?

That’s right… It may be made to look easy by the pros but trust me. It’s not as easy as it looks.