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Defending ‘Four Verticals’ in Madden 15

I’ve just started playing Madden Ultimate Team 15 (MUT15) online – I’ve played offline a little.

Four Verticals play

I’m currently 1-2 in my first season and in game 3 I was absolutely tortured by someone running a lot of the ‘Four┬áVerticals’ passing play – it didn’t help that once he knew I was struggling with it he ran a ‘hurry up offense‘ which didn’t give me any time to figure out what to do.

So I’ve done some research on how to defend it and my findings are as follows:

  • Use a ‘Cover 4’ play
  • Double team his number 1 read
  • User press to try to Jam the WR/TE at the LOS
  • Blitz – rush your opponent into mistakes and bad reads

Next time I see someone running a lot of ‘Four verticals’ I’ll attempt some of the above points and hope it works!