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9 ball run

I went Durham City Snooker & Pool last night to work on my game and had a relatively successful time.

The table wasn’t in the best condition, balls (which were chipped) had been tapped – in the wrong position – too much so it was impossible to break, the cloth must’ve been on for 20 years as it was very ‘worn’, moth eaten and in some places even moved when I put my bridge hand down.

It could do with a good clean, reclothing and levelling and it would play quite well.

Anyhow… back to me. I decided to just throw 9 balls out on the table and pot them in any order – doing this I managed to run 7 balls a few times, with my average run being about 4 balls.

I then tried a couple of racks of 9 ball vs the ghost.

If you’re not familiar with ‘the ghost’ then to put it quite simply if you miss a shot the ghost wins wins. Meaning it’s very difficult to win against the ghost and needless to say – I lost.

To end my practice session I decided to just throw all 15 balls on the table randomly and pot them in any order. Doing this I managed to make a couple of runs of 9, just need to work on running 9 out of 9 balls in the correct order and I’ll be on my way.

All in all I had a decent session getting used to potting angles and speeds and I’m looking forward to Saturday when I go to Riley’s in Sunderland with Malcolm Clarke for practice and a race to 9.

Seem to be improving every time I get on the table so let’s hope it continues.