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Stats stats stats… are all gone.

My VP4 9 ball career was corrupted by a crash, meaning I had to delete it and start again, so make sure you backup your career files. 3000+ racks down the drain.

After the crash I went back on to VP4 to carry on where I left off and noticed none of the competitions had been played – (I was on the last tournament of the season so thought it might have just ended the season) – then I noticed it was the local tour. I tried to play the local tour – but instead of 9 ball the table loaded with fifteen 8 balls and then crashed rendering the career unplayable.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, it means I can start my stats again from a slightly better starting position. I managed to go 6 matches with 100% pot success on the money ball – the shot I finally missed was when I didn’t have a shot at all after the CO missed an

Due to the crash I’m back on the Local Tour. I could’ve tried to qualify straight for the national tour but decided to boost my confidence on the big pockets of the earlier tables against poorer opposition.